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Thankful for Wellness
Thankful for Wellness 150 150 Ted McAleer

As our healthcare system dives more deeply into the sea of remote patient monitoring, it’s interesting to consider where we may be in another year. Certainly, the pandemic drove the adoption of telemedicine at a rate that would have been implausible to believe just 12 months ago. We’ve definitely become more comfortable with meeting our…

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The Zebra
The Zebra 150 150 Ted McAleer

There’s a scramble occurring across healthcare. Hospitals, healthcare providers and even insurers are interviewing every Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) company they can find to try to identify the one that fits best in their system. MedTech and telehealth companies with established bases are asking the same question: what RPM solution will work the best for…

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Standing Apart in a Crowded Space
Standing Apart in a Crowded Space 150 150 Ted McAleer

At BraveHeart, we are often asked, “What makes your wearable patch different?” And our response is simple: It’s all about data. Data Quality, data Availability and data Merging. Data Quality The BraveHeart patch is FDA cleared and generates reliable, clinical quality diagnostic data. That data can be stored locally on the device, and it can…

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RPM with TeleHealth Helps Providers and Patients
RPM with TeleHealth Helps Providers and Patients 150 150 Ted McAleer

During Covid19, we could all use a “silver lining”. Perhaps we’ve found it! According to June 2020 research from McKinsey, 46% of patients are now using virtual health services, compared with 11% in 2019 and McKinsey estimates that up to $250 billion of current healthcare spending in the US could eventually be virtualized. Clearly Covid19…

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