Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring 150 150 BraveHeart

BraveHeart™ wishes to congratulate our development partner, Syntiant Corp®, a deep learning chip technology company, on the receipt of a 2021 CES Innovation Award for its new Neural Decision Processor®.

Syntiant’s NDP120® is a design cornerstone for the BraveHeart Bravo1™ system, and we could not be prouder of our partner for receiving this well-deserved recognition. For those of you who are new to Neural Networking, this chip allows BraveHeart to implement 2 major advances in Remote Patient Monitoring:

  • Providing Context for Collected Data

The Syntiant NDP120 responds to wake-up words (ie: “Alexa” or “Hey Google”) and then can record actions. As the healthcare world shifts more decisively towards rich data streams, this elevates the Bravo1 System above other RPM products. Imagine a world in which a patient who is experiencing symptoms can describe additional symptoms or even environmental factors.  

“I can feel my heart racing, and I’m nauseated and dizzy.”

  • Running Real-Time Algorithms on the Device

This powerful chip also enables machine learning algorithms to be run directly on the device. And as we know, machine learning is an excellent tool to improve efficiencies. Rather than having to upload or store vast amounts of raw data, machine learning algorithms will allow intelligent markers to be uploaded and stored with the raw data. A data lake of these outcomes will fuel continuous improvement for algorithms.

At BraveHeart, we focus on collaboration. Let’s discuss how we can help you super-charge your push into Remote Patient Monitoring.