Thankful for Wellness

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As our healthcare system dives more deeply into the sea of remote patient monitoring, it’s interesting to consider where we may be in another year. Certainly, the pandemic drove the adoption of telemedicine at a rate that would have been implausible to believe just 12 months ago. We’ve definitely become more comfortable with meeting our healthcare providers online. But what’s being missed when we rely on telemedicine? Research supports there’s been a significant decline in primary care visits – by over 20% from Q2 2019 to Q2 2020. That means our wellness visits are suffering. Are we going to find in another 12 months that we have missed early indicators of chronic disease because we just didn’t look at the markers? Will we see an uptick in later stage cardiac issues? 

So the question becomes:

How do we manage our collective wellness differently?

Wellness isn’t easy to define. Although it’s great when you walk out of an annual exam with your physician with no follow up items, that’s not why we go. Our healthcare providers don’t schedule those appointments to give us a high five and send us on our way. “Wellness” exams exist because of non-wellness – early signs of something not trending in the right direction. Wellness exams are where you explain that yes, maybe you have been a little out of breath lately. Or yes, maybe your ankles are a little swollen. Are these precursors to a heart condition? Maybe. More testing is required. And a follow up appointment. We should have your results in 6-8 weeks.

What if we shift the paradigm? 

What if 2 weeks prior to your wellness exam, you received an easy-to-use wearable sensor that could provide real-time data to your healthcare team? Rather than a snapshot of the moment you’re at the physician office, the team could review what’s happening through time. Maybe those arrythmias that can be difficult to capture even with a 24-hour monitor are caught. Maybe your respiration rate is off when you sleep. Whatever it is that is affecting your non-wellness, your team suddenly has access to information on an unprecedented level. And so instead of the possibility of missing those early markers, we open the possibility of catching things even earlier than we were in 2019. Earlier intervention may translate to a healthier you, and to a global savings of healthcare costs.

Our Bravo1 patch is the smartest answer for understanding non-wellness, and that’s why we are partnering with organizations who want to change 2021 for the better.