The Zebra

The Zebra 150 150 BraveHeart

There’s a scramble occurring across healthcare. Hospitals, healthcare providers and even insurers are interviewing every Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) company they can find to try to identify the one that fits best in their system. MedTech and telehealth companies with established bases are asking the same question: what RPM solution will work the best for us? And it’s confusing. There are many wearable sensors available, and all of them seem to be the same, don’t they?

Ahh. But they aren’t.

We at BraveHeart purposefully built our entire organization around the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. And that is decidedly different than the other guys.

PaaS is a cloud computing model that allows customers to develop and manage their own applications and data without the complexity of developing the hardware and software infrastructure that is necessary to collect that data. This puts the control into the hands of the customer and allows them to be up and running with the solution they want in a short time. Organizations want to adopt new technologies without completely overhauling their current business procedures, and our PaaS platform enables that.

So how does that translate to a real-world example? In the case of a hospital, having an RPM solution that can seamlessly feed real-time data from hundreds of patients to a single monitoring screen makes a new level of patient care possible. Summary reports of vital signs can be automatically generated and uploaded to the existing Electronic Medical Record. The hospital can even feed biometric data from other sources into the BraveHeart Platform so that it can be consolidated in the report.

BraveHeart is all about making it easy to access data. We want to provide you with actionable information to improve patient care. And we also want to give you superior processing power. Our Bravo1 device includes an edge neural network chip, and that means we can add machine learning capabilities directly on the device, in our iOS application suite or in our cloud-based system architecture. BraveHeart works with our customer base to create unique applications to support broad use of our technology.

BraveHeart is different. We are the zebra in a group of horses. Give us a call.