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At BraveHeart, we are often asked, “What makes your wearable patch different?” And our response is simple: It’s all about data. Data Quality, data Availability and data Merging.

Data Quality
The BraveHeart patch is FDA cleared and generates reliable, clinical quality diagnostic data. That data can be stored locally on the device, and it can be forwarded through our cloud infrastructure to be displayed remotely in real-time. Our store-and-forward solution puts the control of the data in the hands of our healthcare provider partners and conforms to the specific needs of our partners.

Data Availability
The Bravo1 platform delivers data directly to our partners’ Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) centers. Thousands of patients can be followed at one time by viewing our dashboard screen or by integrating that information into a monitoring platform already in use by healthcare providers. This flexibility allows further control for our partners by ensuring data is available efficiently – thereby improving workflow and outcomes.

Data Merging
The Bravo1 platform is configurable to push data to handhelds, monitors and even Electronic Health Records. Additionally, we can pull data from other monitoring devices to compile that data into one stream for a more broad overview of a patient’s health. Our focus on efficiency for the provider network and early detection for the patient provides a strong foundation for your RPM needs.

We believe in collaboration. Our partners want to have their unique needs met, and our job is to listen and execute.