RPM with TeleHealth Helps Providers and Patients

RPM with TeleHealth Helps Providers and Patients 150 150 BraveHeart

During Covid19, we could all use a “silver lining”. Perhaps we’ve found it!
According to June 2020 research from McKinsey, 46% of patients are now using virtual health services, compared with 11% in 2019 and McKinsey estimates that up to $250 billion of current healthcare spending in the US could eventually be virtualized. Clearly Covid19 has hyper-charged the market for TeleMedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring.

TeleHealth is a Win-Win for Providers and Patients with at least 4 strong benefits for each
• Cost Reduction
• Expanded Patient Base
• Improved Relationship
• Enhanced Monitoring: shifting from expensive inpatient care through “Prevention”
• Cost Reduction:
• Expanded Care Access
• Improved Engagement
• Increased Satisfaction

Enhanced Monitoring and the subsequent focus on “Prevention” and “Escalation” can be delivered by Remote Patient Monitoring and a growing set of Digital Health tools in that arena.

Unfortunately, most Digital Health companies do not seem to be as interested in helping Providers and Patients as they advertise. Many Digital Health companies are interested in keeping the Data for their “Big Data” business models. BraveHeart is different. BraveHeart is purpose-built as a tool to enable Patients AND Providers to access the Data and for Providers to be able to get that data into the Patient Health Records for future diagnostic benefits for the patients and the Population Health longitudinal data to improve the Health of their entire community.

BraveHeart’s new Bravo1 Platform is rolling out later this month, August 2020, and we are excited to be partnering with forward thinking Providers and Payers who put their Patients first and truly want to address the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare:

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See: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/healthcare-systems-and-services/our-insights/telehealth-a-quarter-trillion-dollar-post-covid-19-reality